Relax more- Write Better

This is dedicated to all the students. I want to remind you that you are allowed to relax. As important as all your projects are, especially now, near the end of term, you might be more productive if you set time aside just to wonder.

If you haven’t already, start planning ahead. It might seem like a bore that doesn’t work for you (if you are a perciever in MBTI, like me), but I’m sure you’d agree that it’s better to do less but more often.stockings-1816094_1280

Once you have  short, even 20 or 15 working slots in your day, pick an hour aside to make yourself a cup of steaming tea or something nice. Have a walk, or just look out the window. Surprise yourself.

Remember that this time is for yourself. Don’t feel bad for putting worries aside. They have time in another part of the day.

When we give our minds time to wonder, away from work and worries, the subconcious kicks in. You’ll be surprised at what you might come out with. Giving your mind some breathing space, makign yourself feel comfortable and cared for will help spark your creativity. Before you know, the plot ideas and character sheets you had, or scenes you were working on, will pop up right before your eyes. Or if you’re a student like me, the links for your essays.

It’s important to let yourself wonder. I assume you write because you day dream. So don’t ever forget to feed your writing with your day dreams.

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