What can I do with or without a Creative Writing degree?

This is ultimatley the question I am asking myself right now. I just finished second year of uni and I’m trying to find a placement. Exactly 64 applications later, I feel like maybe I’m looking for a career in all the wrong places.

I thought- I’m good at writing and I’m pretty damn good at doing great presentations, working in a team and all those nice “soft” skills for employment. So I attempted to find something in Communications. I assume, if you too, do writing, it’s because you are a naturaly creative person. Which sucks, because everyone’s CV says “creative” without people even knowing what it means.

I gave up on the placement. I realised being creative, truly creative- relatable and novel enough, is a sign of intelligence. So I’m challenging myself. If I’m really creative, I should plow my way into a fulfilling career. I just need a novel and relatable idea.

If we want to write, or create art in any other way, we should trust our artistic instinct. Don’t be afraid of writing in your own voice. Don’t be afraid of touching emotions people don’t want to explore. Follow what we would actually enjoy doing. If we enjoy the job, we will surely fight for it and make it work for us.
Go out and freelance- do you. If you know you can suck it up to a company and sell them bullshit about how writing for them is the single best thing that happened to you- do it. You do you. Try your hand at PR and Communications, or offer poems for special occasions. Become a song writer, or write badness odes in English and Romanian.

Don’t be afraid to plan. I know a lot of artists are MBTI perciveres and would much rather float through their life, but having a plan will help direct you. If doesn’t work, you can always redirect yourself.

Plan from yours and other’s experience. Glamour sometimes includes pages on “how they got there” you basically get to see someone’s successful CV. Look for the experience they had at each step of their career and slowly build it up yourself. Spend as much time at uni as you can volunteering, joining societies that truly interest you, see your careers service, join excel or language courses, take trips to other countries.

It takes initiative to take initiative. Don’t be afraid to speak to people, to ask them about their careers or approach companies about internships or work experience. The more you do it, the more you will learn and the better you will communicate with them- that way your writing skills will also become applicable in the real world.

Before you know it, you’ll find that you’re learning. You’re growing to be one an expert in all the things you want to.

Good luck!



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