What do you want to do with your life?

I should be writing a dissertation proposal right now- possibly a very major decision, if I decide to do a masters. Do I choose something that I enjoy, something I’m good at or something that’s fairly new?

I’ve realised all these decisions I make, and perhaps that you make too, are so often done under fear. We often feel like we can’t choose certain options. I could choose to do a question on Language in Marketing, and hope that gets me a job. It might, I’ll pretend it fascinates me and get a corporate seat in PR. But is it worth it?

What if I research something I enjoy, but it ends up not being useful? What if I do something new but won’t grasp it enough, and end up failing.

We run on fear. We don’t make our own decisions really, do we? We’ve had fear bashed into our heads, especially in school. A lot of parents have bought us up saying “don’t eat chocolate or your teeth will rot” or “you have to get into univeristy or you won’t get a job.” Both are of course false, but after having the same narrative bashed into us over time, we use fear as a mechanism in decision making. From that stem anxiety disorders.

I was walking by the canal near my house today, and was thinking about all the people I now who decided to do what they want. Some started a business in what was passionate to them, others moved country. I imagined-

If I was sitting in a comfy chair with a phsycologist, and he asked me what I wanted to do with my life, what would I say?

From what I’ve watched of Professor Jordan Peterson, I’ve understood that our problems stem from a lack of balance between chaos and order. Life can’t be too easy, but not too difficult. Seems obvious, but it’s not so obvious how to apply it to life.

I realised that inside, I want to take risks. I want to develop my talents. The one’s my family stopped me from persuing. I’d make a plan for my life and stick to it.

This came to in a seconds flash, and you know what? I’m gonna do it. 10435922_1464856140428203_186194162729113285_n


  • Agnese

    i can relate so much, i’m currently so stuck on what i want to do with my life and constant questions run through my mind: what’s the point? is it going to be worth it? but at the end of the day you have to follow your heart and be the person you want to be, because when that day comes when you have to give your life away, are you going to be happy with the choices you made?

    • PopularIsWrong

      Exactly. I think we have to let go of the fear and if our choices are bad, deal with and learn from the regret. At the end of the day, we are the only ones living our lives. Do we want it to be average? Good luck making the right decisions x

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