How I chill out – recharging from tough days and anxiety.

We all get those days, for some of tussle this might be a string of unhappy moments or a situation at work and we’re done with the whole world. Everyone deals with it differently. I decided to share how I, being an anxious person, deal with tiredness and stress in those few free hours before bed. 

1) Steam it off. Whether it is mind or body, having a hot shower or bath can really help you relax your muscles. This will help calm the outer effects of anxiety, feeling closed within yourself, by resting your muscles. I like to improve this effect by using Epsom salts, either as they come or in a shower gel when I only have access to a shower. I like to sit down and let water fall an my head and through my hair. I like to imagine I’m a fluffy animal in need of tender care. It helps. 

Also, if you know you can over think when you’re alone and not focusing on something (which I experienced a lot with OCD) a good thing to do is to use the water and shower products to ground yourself. It’s a sensory experience, so try focusing on the smells, textures and sounds, for example of the water.

For muscles, I try and massage my legs and neck, to get rid of any lactic acid build up from the day.

2) Feel cosy and safe. Try and do find a space in your house or room where you feel especially safe, don’t worry about being childish. A lot of people like building forts or just putting a duvet under their desk. It can really make a differrence when you’re anxious, finding a cosy place will help when you’re tiered (but remember to make room to rest your neck and legs) and make it feel like you have less “space” to worry about and are protected. 

Fun fact: we were actually not at the top of the food chain. We get anxious and freeze because we were hunted by other animals too. Scientist had found the remains of a type of giant cat that had a tooth designed to pull our heads off. 😲Not a nice idea to consider when you’re anxious, I know, but helps to put into wprspective that your situation isn’t as life threatening as you may think. 

3) Find the right playlist. My advice is not to put on anything that you know well or like too much. It might stir up some unwanted feelings if you’re anxious, and if you’re tiered then if you are an introvert, it may feel like it is draining you even more ( let me know if you feel that if you’re an introvert too, or is it just me?) 

Thanks to the spread of streaming services and channels of all types on YouTube, you can find something new that will feel just right in the background and can make you cosy enough so you feel like you in a Hollywood film.

Personally,  I like putting binaural beats on if I feel really down. If I’m manageable I like “Deep Dark Indie Folk” on Spotify, which includes songs by Hozier and Sarah Janosz. Or if I am on YouTube, I search for video music compillations by Axian or Emotional Tokyo. I also reccomend genres such as deep house, reggae and anything piano (think Chopin and Erik Satie).

4) Get busy and creative. It’s good to either keep your mind or body busy. If you’re anxious, it’s good to do something with your hands. I like to either strum my guitar and sing some songs, or watercolour. Km not at all pro at either, but it gives me time to my self and I am pleasantly surprised when something comes out right. 

Hope this of some help to you guys. If you struggle with anxiety, expecially OCD, feel free to contact me, I know what it’s like. 

– Alicja 

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