Summer Goals and Plans

I didn’t want this summer to be as slow as my last one. As much as I enjoy lazing about, I didn’t want all the anxiety and uncertainty that comes from being in one town for too long without money.

Having a structured day, where I have to fit my hobbies around a part time job has helped me stay focused. Ironically, it gave me more time through the boost of physical work. It makes my mind crave thoughtful discussions and goals.I am not only going to have a job, but also do some work towards writing and personal goals.


First of all, I managed to get back to regularily posting on this blog. It was kind of by accident. I saw a lot of people post their blogs and thought, if they can then why can’t I? My goal for this blog is to post in as many days of the week as I can, but primarily, keep to my new idea of a “Talking Point” post, where I loosley review books, music, films or what not in order to find a point to chat about in their context, whilst still giving a good idea of whether they’re worth you’re time.

Writing and Competitions:

My career goals will be to focus more on writing poetry. I want to attmept to write at least a raft poem a day. After all, practice makes perfect. There are 3 competitions I have recently found which I want to take part in. One of these is organised by the Nine Arches Press, which is local to the midlands, it aims to help young poets, if you’re interested you can find it here. I am going to have to prepare 6 of my best poems to send off. I hvae until the 8th of September to write something jaw dropping. This might jsut be enough time.

Competitions aside, I also plan and have already started to send poetry off to literary magazines in hopes of having it published.


I want to join a gym to start weight lifting. I have a very skinny body type which a lot of people may be envious of, but the truth is that I cannot put on weight and would love to look less “stick like” and have enough power in my hands to punch someone in case they attack me ( I live in Northampton over summer, it’s dodgy around here.)

This aside, I also wanted to start knitting or crotcheting, and continue my journey with watercolours.

That’s all folks! What are your goals for the summer?


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