11 days in Poland-Capsule Wardrobe for all occasions.

I am so excited ot go back to my home town and share it with everybody. It’s a great region with lakes to swim in, forests and castles to explore.

It usually takes me about 2 hours to pack. I try and think of all the possible weather conditions and place I can go.

I take 4 pairs of shoes. I usually wear flats on the plane, because I have now learnt the average amount of things I can take to make 22kg, so it’s more comfortable to take less on the plane with you. I encourage you to take the ones that take most space, if you don’t pack for planes often.

I found a lovley black dress, with a V shaped back for £3 at a H&M sale, which is why this year I’m taking both a dress and a tunic, despite having a skirt. All my bottoms are high waisted and light in colour, so I’m taking mostly light tops. The colour scheme is centered around: white/blue/grey and for colder days and nights : olive/burgundy/black. I’m taking acid washed high waist shorts, a high waist blue and white A-line skirt, and long high waist jeans.

For colder days, i am taking a cropped sweatshirt with a UFO on it which I adore, a jeans coat, a loose long cardigan and a light blue rain coat, which I didn’t capture in the picture.

I take enough underwear and socks to last me the 11 days, a comfy bra, a light and black brallette and a black bra for the darker clothing. I drop in a bunch of footlets and one pair of over knee socks, thick and thin fishnets.

Beauty and essentials aside, I also take my swim suit and a beach towel, which is the most fun and most expensive part of my suitcase.

I try to keep low on the accesories, keeping them all locked in my Pandora box, apart from my sunglasses, and putting a hat on my head.

One book, a notebook, a pen and technology go into my hand luggage which is a military back pack.

That’s how I get a good amount of possible outfits, into a small amount of stuf. What are some of your tips, and must fashinon takes?

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