How to ‘enjoy the little things’ like everyone tells you to.

It’s that piece of advice everyone gives, but no one actually understands. Yes, it’s looking after yourself and being more care free and confident, but how? No one ever gives examples better than “take a bubble bath” or “treat yourself” or some other superficial thing capitalism tries to sell us.

Yes, having a bubble bath is good advice, but only if it makes you feel special. If you never have time for it, or worse, you put it off because you feel its’s unnecessery.

Enjoying the little things is holistic. It increases self confidence, and makes you feel fully like yourself. If you want to enjoy it’s benefits, you can start small, or go big from the beginning. Make yourself feel like a king or queen. It’s up to you how you do it. All it takes is feeling that little spark of excitment that’s inside of you. Turn your overly logical part of the brain for a few seconds. Here are only a couple of idead on how to get started.

Scent is a very powerful sense. It can really set the atmosphere of a room or yourself. Go to a shop and buy yourself a candle, there’s some deacent priced gems in t.k maxx and homesense. Even Primark has some nice smelling things nowdays. Even just standing a candle in your room will clear the atmosphere a bit. Don’t be afraid to light it up and use it, just because it’s pretty.

What scents do you like? What one’s make you feel grounded, romantic or chill? Try and find some body butter and scrub that smells like it. You don’t have to spend a lot just have a trip to boots or superdrug and make it a day to find the best smelling body mist. Try keeping a scent pach or a nice smelling soap bar in your chest of drawers.


Do you practice self care by feeling comfortable in your own clothes? I personally think lingerine makes the outfit. Yu will feel a lot better if the clothes closest to your body feel comfortable and light. Most importantly it’s good to trust them. Give yourself a day sometime to get a bra fitting. you can have one done at Ann Summers or Marks and Specer’s or any small lingerine boutique. A good bra will not hurt you, but can be the type that makes you feel most confident. No need to keep getting medium sized brallettes that provide little coverage and support (unless that’s what you’re into, then you go girl!)

Also, stop calling it underwear. Call it lingerine. Make it your special thing. Don’t buy it with your boyfriend or anyone you might feel judged for time or style with. Take your time, have some money spare and get one good quality bra and a pack of briefs that fit or break the colour rules. Realise how more “you” you feel when the fabric you were makes the most out of yur body and skin. But more on that in a blog post soon! Remember, lingerine is not about sex, like all the sale try to tell you it is. It’s about what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Wear it for yourself, and enjoy it.

Make time for spirituality. It doesn’t hvae to be a belief, it can be prayer, or meditation, or just listening to music. Try putting on something calm, or a song you like and pick out all the indvidual instruments. what are their beats and notes like? How does that make you feel?

If you’ve never been spiritual but are thinking about it, give an introduction to philosophy book a try, like Sophie’s World by Jostein Gardner or The Philosophy Book, which I don’t know the author of, but I know you can find it at The Works stores. Go on youtube and listen to people’s guided meditations, find some bloggers who talk about what they believe and how they pray. It’s up to you what you believe or whether you believe at all. I will soon be speaking about my spiritual journey on this blog. Whtever you do, it’s important to keep healthy in that respect, because it will help you out in the long run.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you pracice any yourself, what other things can you suggest? Would you like to see another post with more ideas like this? Let me know!





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