Why being an INFP sucks

1) Never ending compulsion for creating art.

Trust me when I say compulsion, I’ve had OCD. It’s a constant need, like an itch at your finger tips to put your ideas down to paper. You’ve thought through something so many times, or have an eureka moment in the shower, that you just need show others. The problem we have is not with thinking of ideas, but of how we want to show them. I write because I need to share, but I suck at drawring and I never ended up going to music school in the end.

2)  Feeling EVERYTHING.

Having no choice but to feel. Finding it very difficult not to empathise, to the point where we understand everyone else’s point of view and forget who we want to support, logically. This feature also makes us cry a lot and make us waste a lot of time on day dreaming and appriciating art. At the end of our art engagement sessions we feel a lot better, but then sad because we can’t prove to the rest of the world that we achieved a mile stone in our thoughts.

3) Wanting to be heard whilst not wanting to show off.

It’s a weird paradox. I have a strong part of this coming from the type 4 enneagram, but it’s prominent with most of my INFP friends. We want other people to hear our ideas, but we can’t stand showing off or havig to “promote” ourselves or do any sort of marketing. This isn’t laziness, it’s a mental block. We want to be anonymous because then we can be more honest with ourselves, and can be judged purley on our work.

4) Sentimentality

Not being ablee to let go of onjects from the past, attaching feelings to the most insignificant things. Opening up about it  to early to potential friends and hence ruining our chances of being “normal.”

5) Perfectionsim

This is probably fueled by fear experienced some time in childhood. We’re sensitive and in order to protect ourselves from everything we need to be in control of it by having everything perfect and being perfect. We often put ourselves down and compare out life to unrealistic goals.


What’s your MBTI type? Do you have any pet peeves about it?


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