Hack your life- reasons to find your personality type.

When I mention my interest in perosnality types, a lot of people turn off. Being a very talkative person once I “open up”  probably doesn’t help.  The most popular response I get to my spoken essays on personality are “I don’t really believe in that,” usually because people think I’m talking about pseudo science or a strange form of horoscope. Others will say everyone’s different and you can’t box everyone into 16 types. My boyfriend says that if you do, it’s proof that we live in a computer simulation.

Funnily enough, your opinion on personality types often depends on your type. (It’s the ENFPs that usually call it out as BS and the enneagram 4s get mad about how they’re portrayed.)


The most important reason to know your personality type, to me, is to not be alone in how you feel. This goes especially towards the introverted types. Sometimes it’s just that much better to realise that the circular thought processes you have all the time are not unique to you. It’s also a starting point to finding those other people and sharing how to become better together, or just make very understanding friends! The first people I met with my personality type are the ones that made me understand how “far” I felt from other people, in how I viewed the world. I don’t think I was fully immersed in friendships before. After spilling out my thoughts and worries to my friends, a lot of them would say “I’m trying to understand you, I know where you’re coming from, but I just can’t see the problem.”

Even if we don’t fit into a category type (which we obviously don’t) we get a general sense of who we are and how we can improve. There’s space for us to understand how our childhood, upbringing or basic fears dictate how we go about life. This sort of contemplation, even if you don’t find a specific type, can help you resolve some of your inner conflicts and imrpove yourself as a person. You’ll begin realising why you always feel the need to stand out, or need to have liberal views, take more time for yourself, or create art.

The most important thing you can learn if you delve into any personality typing method, is how different other people really are. If you give all the personality type’s brief descriptions a read, you may see the reflection of your parents, family and friends in them. Who know what you’ll find out! Maybe how to finally talk to them or persuade them to understand your view. You will find out how to communicate.

Interested? Don’t know where to start or what to type into google?

The most interesting and fastes to understand is the MBTI persoanlity model. It’s based on Carl Jung, you may have coem across it at university or at work. It’s got basic features, but people have complicated it as far as they can. You can take an online test here. This should give a you a rough idea of your type. Readthe description and see if you agree. Read the others. Join facebook groups, look on tumblr and twitter and enjoy finding like minded people.

Want to go deeper? Try the enneagram or the big 5. Enjoy the ride.

Here to answer any questions. Do you know your type? Has it helped you in any way?





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