What an INFP secretly loves about their INTP friend.

Sometimes people get confused about these two personality types. I used to, back when I did my A-levels in maths and physics before betting full on writing, I wasn’t sure which one I was. In some ways we’re very similar. Both types have very strong beliefs, whether these are moral or logical.

Although those of you more familiar with the MBTI will probably say “there’s one letter difference but they are totally different, nearly opposites” or something along those lines. Both INTP’s and INFP’s tend to often be enneagram type 5s and 4s which are (to put it bluntly) loners and special snowflakes at times. They share intense passion for being true to themselves and to ideas. They also have strong opinions about each other.

Here are the positives us INFP’s see in our INTP friends.

1) Your ability to detach form emotions in a conflict. 

It’s an admirable trait. We know you’re human and give into emotions, but you are way better at managing them than us. You know when to walk away and be the smart one in an argument.

2) That you always give the best advice.

We can count on your levelheadedness to gives us the best advice, taking into account all the context. Not only can you detach from emotions, but you can see what part they can play in decision making. It’s brilliant. We wish we had it.

3) You tell us the truth, not what we want to hear.

There’s no one better than you to ask for an honest opinion about out art or anything else.  


4) You give us space.

You’re very introverted like us, so you know when to step away and you have no problem with us ignoring you, because you probably don’t take small gestures like that seriously, unlike out emotional INFP selves.

5) You can distinguish us from those ISFP’s

You see the difference between the melancholy of the INFP and the bright attention grabbing of the ISFP. Thanks for that, we really appreciate it. We don’t really like unicorns, and we get pissed off by not being able to draw like the S’.

Do you agree? What do you love about INTPs or INFPs?



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