My Favourite PC Game (Not Sims)

Ah, Sundays. That weird mix of crappy movies, forced visits and the feeling of an approaching working week.  We all tried to make it bearable, families try and spend time together and reminisce, but it never feels quite right. Now that the sun sets so early, it’s even more difficult to survive these patronising evenings.

In times like these, I like to turn to games. With family, or alone. We all have those titles that remind us of our childhood. The ones with menu music that makes us instantly excited. There are a few titles I like to turn to: Crash, Sims, Simpsons Hit and Run, Quake, WoW… the list could go on, but I promised to write about my favourite PC game ever.

Heroes of Might and Magic 4

If this rings any bells, you might be screaming in your mind “Why not heroes 3 though?! 4 was a disappointment.” I’ll get to that later in the post. Now let’s catch the rest of you up.

For me, this game is the memory of snacks, sensations crisps and Dr pepper in particular, and hot seating. Sometimes an excuse to meet up, other times an excuse to disappear into your room when guests are around. This is a fantasy game, with long windows of backstory text appearing, giving it the vibes of an epic fantasy novel. It’s turn taking, so you can play it alone with a computer, getting deep into the back story, or play funny scenarios with friends.

It’s a strategy, so you have to think about it a bit more than some other games. This game is difficult. Watching some pro’s on YouTube makes my eyes pop out. I’ve played it since I was seven, but it’s still challenging and replayable. You can always try out different tactics and there’s something new you can discover.

The community behind the game is active, although Heroes 3 came out in 1998 and Heroes 4 in 2002. There are people still modding both Heroes 3 and 4, and making scenarios and campaigns for it (one map and several map stories to play).

The game is wholesome, well thought out, but as many fans know, rushed. I’m not too bothered by some inequality in strength and windmills being bigger than coliseums on the map. Also, the music, beautiful art detail, and obviously story line, have me sold. This is one of my favourite pieces from the soundtrack:

Ok, but how do you play it?

To put it simply, you choose a town, buy some heroes and creatures, explore the map so you can advance your castle and get better your army, so you can take over the world. When my friends ask me what it’s like, I just say it’s a very complicated game of chess. If you ever played a role playing game like Dungeons and Dragons, you know how complex they can get. The whole of the Heroes of Might and Magic series tries to imitate that as best as computers could back then.

So, why do you like the 4 one better?

Like I said, the music and aesthetic win it over for me, but that’s not all. The game is called HEROES of Might an Magic not CREATURES of might and magic, which is more obvious in Heroes 4, where you can have multiple heroes in an army and train them to better specialisations, and they participate in combat.

What’s your favourite PC game? Do you play Heroes?







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