How to stay sane in your third year of university

I promise I will help you stay sane at university. Even if you live on things you can just throw in the oven so you don’t waste time. You actually know what learning spaces are for now. You’ve not been out for 4 months. You have too many mental breakdowns to count. Life’s squeezing lemon juice into your eyes, and you get the flu in the night, right before the deadline. Welcome to your final year of uni.

I’m there right now, but with these 10 tricks, I mange to stay sane and survive my last year of university.

Have a 9-to-5 schedule

Yes as boring and soul destroying as it might sound to you, planning your day around these hours will actually give you more free time to enjoy. It will also mean that you will be able to relax properly and without the guilt of relaxing. Once you’re home- you’re home and that’s enough. All of your university classess should be between these times anyway, so try and find yourself about half an hour for lunch at the right time, and spend the rest in the library or another comfortable learning space. Try not to make that your university room because you will regret that. You need a place to go back to, rather than stagnate in.

Have a Plan

Sitting in a church doesn’t really make you a Christian, the same way sitting in the library doesn’t make you do work. Try and plan what you’re going to do- realistically in a day, or maybe a week. It will help you stay motivated and do work steadily if you regularly switch what you’re studying.

Use Study Techniques

And no, I don’t mean highlighters or flash cards. Find tips that will help you avoid procrastination. Use things like the pomodoro method, remember the learning curve and do your best to motivate yourself. Let me know if you’d like a blog post on how I study and keep procrastination at bay. I’d be more than happy to help.

Eat Properly

It’s easy to end up just getting a maccies for lunch. Everyday. That’s not really nutritional though really, is it? Trust me when I say that your body, mind and wallet will feel a lot better if you do even simple. Get yourself a good student cook book, I recommend Nosh for Students, and start planning your meals for the next 3/4 days ahead. It’s not difficult, and you’ll love the amount of money and sanity you will save. Of course, you can’t always make your food at home, but doing this will make you that tad more sane.

Learn to Relax

I’m going to write a blog post about what TRUE self-care is, in my humble view. It’s important for you to find time to do whatever truly regenerates you. Whether that is lying on your bed and listening to music for an hour or two, reading or watching a show. You have to give yourself the headspace you will need after a lot of studying or essay writing. That can mean writing poetry in a cafe to one person, to others it may be a good gym session or a few swimming lengths. Don’t feel obliged to be doing anything. Take care of yourself- your body, mind and soul if you believe in one.


That doesn’t have to mean getting paralytic on a night out. It means having people to spend time with, to support you and preferably students who are in the same boat as you and understand you. It’s easy to close yourself off when you have too much to think off, but it’s so much better when you have a support network. It’s worth putting the effort into building relationships with people.

Hope this short post helped you! I’m currently in the heat of hell of third year, just finishing my creative writing portfolio and all other assignments. Do you have any uni survival tips?





  • Nancy

    Even though I’m not in uni anymore, I totally agree with these tips! It’s so important to have a plan because if you’re doing things blindly, you might underestimate your load. It’s so important to take care of yourself! Thanks for these reminders :).

  • kalifornicationx

    Have a plan, eat properly and socialise.

    Probably the most important things to take away from this. At least that’s what I would say given my uni experience. Along with living in the library for three years I could say. I tried to follow these three as close as possible during my time there but once the alcohol takes hold it kinda goes out the window. But drinking is good too – little bit of mother nature’s green leaves will help relax you too.

    Oh I do love a retrospect. I find it makes me feel f*cked over and proud all at the same time.

    Your advise here is solid, darling.

    • Alicja

      Thanks, hope it helps somebody. Definitely feeling the mic of pride and getting fucked over though. Very glad that I went to uni to do the subjects I really enjoy.

    • Alicja

      Thanks! I’ll work on one, it takes me a lot to fight procrastination but it can be done and I have some techniques that work even on the worst of “put-offers.”

  • Hebah

    This scares me about going to university, not going to lie! I think making my own meals is definitely going to be a struggle, but at least now I know what to expect ahhah!

    • Alicja

      I can imagine, it can be overwhelming so I suggest you do learn to make about 4/5 meals at least before you go. Don’t worry about making to too complex either, just whatever works. It’s too easy to slip into eating take away or just things that aren’t good for you, so it’s a good idea to make one of those meals a vegetable bake or a salad. Thankfully first year is there to ease you in and make you feel at home.

  • Alice Mola

    I’m also a third year student! You’re right, I’m learning about true self care right now too! Sometimes I need to chill and allow myself to relax without feeling guilty.

  • Tyas

    Just exactly what I need right now! I’m going to be a third-year student next semester and I know it’ll be stressful if I don’t manage my time and self-care well. Will probably try the 9-to-5 schedule–even if it may sound impossible given all the academic works and organizational works–and some other tips. Thank you for sharing!

    Tyas |

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