Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Done

As you could have guessed,  my blog went missing from the internet for about a month. It’s only because I didn’t have enough spare money to spend on upgrading my hosting service. Or more like buy a new completely new hosting plan because I don’t really have a spare £150. (If you ever decide to go self hosted, just buy the three year plan when you start, it’s honestly so much easier that way.)

I’ve also been at the peak of my -now old-job. That drained me a lot, especially as my working day was 8 hours long, and it took me four hours a day to travel there and back. As you know, I’m also doing an MA so that left me with one day of the week that I had “to myself” and it always ended up being a “catch up with MA” day in the end. I don’t know how I ever thought it was a smart idea to do so much work, I guess I’m highly ambitious, but not too street smart. I’m really happy to be back -improving my mental and physical health, and focusing on growing creatively.

Speaking of which, I can officially announce that I’m writing a novella for my MA Creative Writing project. I previously shared my worries about how I find plotting difficult. Well, this is an attempt at challenging myself and facing my fears. I will update you with how I go about it. I’ve plotted stories and novellas before, but have never followed them up with actual writing.

So what’s the plan now? I want my blog to be more about writing than it ever was before. I’m sure a lot of you guys have tried or are writing a novel at the moment. From now on I will document my writing ventures, and show you the research and work I’m putting into my novella. That way this blog can be more informative and possibly mildly entertaining. We can go on the writing journey together.

You can also expect a lot more of my own fiction to come forward. Not just poetry, I have a few short horror stories and such that need a home, so look out for that.

Lastly, let me know what sort of writing advice you’d like to see. Prompts, or performance tips perhaps?




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