Bursary – Poem

Blonde or black? 
She peeks through her glasses because
a PhD? it’s Euro-business.
Black turtle neck,
tight enough to show the nipple piercing.
She winks every time they speak:
in class,
in a tutorial,
at his home
on her knees.
She smells like cherries and rum,
and this scent will give her a job
because the Polish flag is exotic enough
on her chiseled chin and almond eyes.

What do you think? This poem was originally a part of my working class sequence. I had to make the sequence thematically tighter, so I decided to share one of its off-shoots. Not to spoil too much, the poem was meant to be about the sexism Eastern European women face when they are successful.



  • Shan

    This is technically awesome, with its flow too, but the words used to make the story are magnificent, defined and emotively challenging, this sense of moulding and that double thought, for each a wincing movement. Job well done 🙂 xo

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