Eurofarce – my latest performance

Last Friday I had the chance to perform as a headliner for a local event called Eurofarce where, along with other local artists, I had the opportunity to share a non-political look at the shambles that Brexit is. The event took place on the 29th of March – the original Brex-eve date- at a Polish bar in Leicester called PoloneZ.

It was a night filled with some excellent local talent. I had the pleasure of working with Mark Cooper, who started the night off with his satirical film. The mad man decided to change his front room into a living room straight out of 1945 and film. I was also performing alongside the fantastic Will, known locally as Poet Man who rights wrongs by writing songs and does a bit of magic too. I was also able to work alongside the extremely talented Kacper Xankish, an extraordinary beat boxer who does more than just backing tracks, believe me. Lastly, I am extremely proud of my boyfriend Daniel who was able to perform from his newly published pamphlet of funky haiku, and baffle everyone with his refined sense of humour.

This was a great opportunity for me to reach the target audience for my poetry – Polish immigrants and their friends. This is the first time I had my performance recorded fully and was very proud to see how well I did. In a few year, I went from anxious wreck to fully functional performance poet. If you enjoy funky poetry, free verse odes and don’t mind my excessive drunken swearing- take a look at the video below!

This is probably a point at which I make a disclaimer. Just because I write about something, doesn’t mean I think in that way or endorse it. My poetry is a way to explore people’s attitudes and why they think the way they do. I like to write about everything, just to shed some light on it and encourage people to understand each other’s views and where they may have originated.

If you enjoyed my poetry and would like to see me live in Leicester you’ll be happy to know that I will have an open-mic slot at Some-Antic’s in Brewdog on the 5th of April, so come over. If you live far away, have no fear! You can support me by buying my poetry pamphlet for only 4.50 with free amazon delivery by clicking here.

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