A poem a day in #escapril – the first four

You’ve probably not heard of #escapril, and I haven’t either until the other day. I’m not even sure who created the challenge, but I’m sending a big thanks to whoever did. Basically it aims at posting a poem a day throughout April under this hashtag.

To get involved, I am going to be posting daily poems through April on my blog. I’m starting off late, so here are four poems for the four days I’ve missed so far. Hope you enjoy them, and do get involved!


All it takes is a head-rush

taking out the trash

for the thousandth time

and crying into my interior brick walls.


I’ll feel better one day,

once the fluoxetine works.


For now, it’s electronic music

and dark indie folk,

procrastinating my novella

and breathing suicidal thoughts

like the vapours of mulled beer.

A love affair in bronze

I learnt to shuffle quite late in life,

now my fingers dance

among glistening cards.


They whisper

femininity with their overflowing cups,

the roses and philanthropic pentacles,

as I sit in the dimming light.


I have love affairs

behind my religion’s back.


If Jesus only knew

what those candles were for,

he’d make that bronze crucifix cry.


Let your worries flutter away in the abyss, and learn that flowers don’t grow in fear. Put your hands down and settle for a deep warm hug at 6 am when the sun says hello and your flat mate plays jazz as he pours his filter coffee.

Love Federation

Our altars are phones, beds

and dating sites. We praise ourselves.


What happened to feet washing? 

We went from GCSE marks to likes

and social media points score

whether or not we want to die.


  • Emma McCaw

    I love poetry, this challenge is so amazing! I wish you all the best with it! Your poems are so good, I think A love affair in bronze is my favourite, it has such amazing imagery. Can’t wait to read more, I’ll be sure to check back!

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