#escapril – Poems 5 to 7

Hello and welcome to my second #escapril / #napowrimo post! Here are three poems for the second part of this week. Hope you enjoy these, and remember that you can still join in and write a poem a day throughout April. Click here to see the last post.

An angry one to distract me form suicidal thought

Teeth fizzy with sugar and aspartame,
my stomach full of edibles. 
Paper thoughts catch on fire 
- my Prozac doesn't work.
The smell of red bull bubble gum
burnt tyres of  a ’99 Golf,
I crouch down on study break - cold,
begging for my friends to run over me.
London’s got you covered
with gourmet lung cancer, I sprinkle
cheap energy over my MLM lipstick.
You had one choice and applied
for university, to be universally
fucked over. Kiss goodbye to your organs
and swallow down allergenic fructose alongside
sugar daddy’s special.

Gameboy Dreams

The other kids only played with me 
when my dad bought me a neon green
GameBoy colour.

A girl said that her mum said that
boy meant boy and I'm a girl
so I must be gay.

The confused verses show how much
I don't know about my memory. It's getting lost
the further in space-time I go and it's scary
because I've got Alzheimer's in the family. 

The edge of a breakdown feels like long train rides, 
pretending to sleep under two coats but secretly playing 
that GameBoy, with the station's sporadic lights.


I'd rather react to my dust allergy
than your sound leaking earphones. 
Try to microsleeep between Starbucks
cups and Monsters. 
Pray for a job from the deep slashes
of regret.

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