#escapril day 10

Hello and welcome to my fourth #escapril / #napowrimo post! Here is a poem for today. Hope you enjoy these, and remember that you can still join in and write a poem a day throughout April. Click here to see the last post.

3ft wide 6ft deep

Wake up in warm cotton sheets
smiling at your first love,
close your eyes slowly
breathe because you know
now can be your forever.

He tickles your nose with warmth,
a breath against eyebrow
and a caress behind your ear.

Your giggles echo down the corridor.

A metallic rod of thought
runs across your temples
waking you up to the moon.

You shiver. 

There's nobody here.
Apart from a dark outline 
running towards you
pulling at your feet.

You're paralised.
because you've realised
-none of it matters
because one day you'll die.

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