#escapril day 12 & 13

Hey there everyone, here’s a post for today’s and yesterday’s daily #escapril/ #napowrimo poems, where I post a poem a day throughout April. Have a read of my previous poems here.

Trail and Error

I'd squish her cheek bones,
cuddle the eleven-year old,
and explain why
hair straighteners are wrong.

I'd introduce her to coding
to teach her that learning can be slow,
and that her Technicolor words 
sometimes need rules.

Vanilla Aspartame Sedative

Gilbi soundtrack,
socks slip on panel flooring.
First flat with my diet cokes
and tic tacs popping,
as I plan the new ad track.
Isocronic heart beats 
Prozac dreams
and intuitive live streams
of creative writing 
and Reddit soliloquies.

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