Review – Mahsuda Snaith’s “How to Find Home” Book Launch

Less than 24 hours ago, I had the pleasure of attending a Leicester writer’s book launch yesterday. Held in the Leicester Central library, it was a wonderful community event that I’m excited to review for you all.

I found out about Mahsuda’s writing from my university course, where we discussed the “author’s journey” and how authors are represented in the media. I was excited to find you that her first book was a similar story to my current #wip, so when I found out that she is launching a new book, I had to go.

Mahsuda Snaith sparked my interests more after I gave her blog a read. It’s honest, and her vibrant and friendly personality comes across on it well. I was moved by her devotion to the community, which she writes about in this post. You see, I think it was great of her to choose the local library as a venue for her launch. It really is a reminder of how much local libraries offer their community, and that they are there for everyone to use – access to unlimited knowledge, no matter who you are.

When I came in to the library, the chairs and shelves were being moved on their little plastic wheels. I saw a few familiar faces, and decided to sit down and wait for the author to come in.

She’s a small woman who made everyone smiled when she entered the room. Her, and those who helped organise the event, all received a generous applause. Her golden slip on trainers gave me insight into her character – she was bubbly yet introverted, yet most importantly- passionate about her work.

The Book

At the start of the launch, I had the opportunity to hear Mahsuda Snaith speak about her work and how she came to writing it. As a writer, I found her introduction relatable, especially when she spoke about how her protagonist “took over” her previous work and lead Mahsuda into writing the book about her. It might seem a bit of a cliche writer quirk for some, but I thought that too before writing my novella.

The library felt homely, and the writing grounded in what the locals experienced and wanted to read about.

How to Find Home‘ is an adventure about a homeless girl called Molly who travels from Nottingham to Skegness with Lucca, her new found friend. I felt touched when Mahsuda explained the dedication on her novel. She spoke about the time she spent around homeless people to understand their life and give an accurate story. “We see you” was her message.

Mahsuda Snaith also mentioned and applauded a homeless man, present in the audience, who she spoke to during her research. The Leicester local had stared a book club for the homeless.

A friend of Mahsuda’s was invited to read out the begging of the book which had me hooked instantly. It was filled with vivid writing and defined characters. The story so far seems very real and heart warming, I can’t wait to dig into it more and review it on here.

I finished all the Brie.

The best part, and I am not at all biased, was the snacks interlude. I thought that Mahsuda’s cake (the icing came out great!) was a nice touch, and the whole event felt very welcoming and mindful of everyone. I managed to get my hands on a signed hardback copy, and take a selfie with the author in that time, as well as network with local members of the writing community.

The evening composed of laughter, Mahsuda’s daughter singing “ay ay captain” and a genuine sense of community, welcoming: writers, non-writers, the homeless, and independent bookshops.

Overall score? 8.5/10

I look forward to reviewing the book very soon!


  • Hannah

    This sounds like such a good event! I really like the sound of her book so will definitely read your review when you publish it. Nice to hear about positive community things as well – a book club for the homeless sounds like a great idea. Snaith sounds like a genuinely nice person as well as a good author so excited to read this one.

    • Alicja

      I’m sure you’d enjoy this book, it’s so easy to read too. She was so lovely when I met her, honestly she deserves being called Observer’s New Face of Fiction.

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