Cycling Shorts Trend – My Take

The cycling shorts trend has hit the UK, but seemingly only on Instagram. I think a lot of us girls are still on the mom jean phase, and haven’t had much summer to experiment – until this weekend.

It’s the bank holiday in Britain and it couldn’t be more unbearably warm and humid if it tried. I thought it was the perfect time for me to deal with the heat in other ways than by just wearing leggings or my bleach washed denim “short shorts.” I personally don’t own any cycling shorts, and don’t plan on it, hence the name of my post. This is my take on incorporating this trend.

You see, I came back from Poland last week, and thrift-ed some cool knee length, navy shorts. They’re Cecilia Classic’s and, from what I can feel, they’re pure cotton. I decided to use these as a basis of my outfit because of the simple cut, similar to that of elasticated cycling shorts.

Why not go with original cycling shorts though? Mainly because, since joining in the growth of the Kibbe community, I’ve been experimenting and embracing my image ID of a Soft Dramatic. I feel more comfortable slightly “overdressing” for occasions and flaunting more “grown up” clothes. I’ve always been a lover of blazers, and this has expanded into fitted pants and oh my god am I happy that this stuff is popular now because I can feel a little bit more welcome in shops. I thought these shorts imitate the trend well enough, and still keep me feeling classy.

The sun made my hair a glow-ball and VSCO didn’t help.

I paired the shorts with my favourite summer-evening ready, red and black shirt. I got it from H&M for around £11. It’s made of netted polyester which doesn’t make it that see-through, but lets through a lot of fresh air when you walk. It works really well for nights out too with a light or neon bra, if you’re feeling cheeky.

I thought my taupe leather Converse low-tops would be a nice light contrast to highlight my hair. I love these babies, and wore them to work for a good three months and their insole is still as soft and lush as it was when I got the m from T.K. Maxx for only £30. Funny thing is that I got them after seeing them at work and writing the website copy for them. They’re finished with subtle rose-gold eyelets.

Once I saw how much “yin” there was in my look at the time, I needed some school boy accessories. I went for a 40s kind of leather bag which was passed down to me from my grandmother, and finished with my beloved leather strap Vivienne Westwood wrist watch.

Are you wearing cycling shorts this season?

Feel free to share your thoughts and outfits below.

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