Who’s writing?

Hey, I’m a girl who likes to write.

If you’re out to find some writing advice and share my story of making it as a writer, this blog is for you. Follow me on the journey through writing and life. Lets make writing work together.

This blog name is a shortened version of his quote “Everything popular is wrong,” by Oscar Wilde who was once seen “walking” a dead lobster in Magdalene Collage in Oxford. When confronted by a friend saying “Wilde, your lobster’s dead!” he replied with “Oh shut your face!” I dunno why, but I like that aesthetic. I’m also an enneagram 4 so I like feeling special sometimes.

I’m studying for an MA in Creative Writing at the moment and trying to get a foot in the door of copywriting and social media marketing. I’m all about expanding my practice and trying new things. I’m a big supporter of mental health, and post a lot about smart decision making and self-love.

You can find me reading out at different events in Leicester and Northampton. Although I dislike spoken word, and prefer a good sit down with a poem and a mug of Sencha.

Now that you’ve stumbled across my blog, I hope you find something you enjoy, whether that’s poetry, writing advice or mental health and lifestyle talk, if not, feel free to suggest a topic. I love to try things out and give my honest reviews and opinions.

Thanks for coming over to my part corner of the internet.

Any comments or suggestions?

Feel free to contact me.

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  • Laura Walker

    Hi Alicja, would you perhaps be interested in collab for your blog? I was not able to find any contact details here, so if you’re interested feel free to comment back and let me know! 🙂

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